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The Gambia is the smallest west African country and very poor, the main occupation is therefore maintained the family.
Going to school is not obvious!
Education is costly and therefore not suited for every child.
Inverse Teren in eductaie for disadvantaged young children is very important both for the child, the parents and for the country.

  Why Foundation Gambia Kids?

The average income of a working parent is about 25-40 euros per month, which is not much when you thank you that there everyday things like eating, drinking, a house, electricity and water should be. Paid
Let alone the cost you to have your child to school gaan.A nursery school costs +/- 60 euros per year, so very precious for parents.
Nursey schools in Gambia private or community schools, they must meet the requirements of the government but receive no material or financial support. That's why we focus on this target group, the nursery children, these are likely poor young children aged from 3/8 years and especially in the place Serrekunda.

Serrekunda is one of the two largest cities of Gambia is home to more than 450,000 people of which 44% under 15 years old.
So many young children live on the streets and never get into their lives a chance to go to school!
We can experience and learn how important it is for disadvantaged young children to go to school.
To learn to read, write, sing, play but also to learn English.
They go to school so much fun .... with a smile on their face!
But we want as many disadvantaged young children to go to school and that's where we can do what


What can we Gambia-Kids Foundation do well for them?

We help and support by means of nursery schools collecting school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, teaching materials and toys. But we do more!
There are several projects for the nursery schools think about sponsoring a child projects, schoolfee reduction, renovating and remodeling of the school building, ensuring safety of the children at the school compound, toilet room customize a sports project ..... but a breakfast project is badly needed!

Support and donate for the kids so they can go to school!













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